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make continuity your bitch, win at fandom, & cure space herpes

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Name:the only genius lvl repeat offender in the midwest
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: of fandom.

Spread the word, spread the love, spread the joy: of fandom.

And, if you are ever in doubt, obey the Bible Belt Creed: deny, deny, repress, deny.


20-something female in the midwestern United States; angry in a humorous way (I hope); very sporadic fic writer; voracious fic reader; semi-often fic reccer in a happy ending OTP kind of way.

Into: SGA. Star Trek AOS. Merlin. Inception. Sherlock [BBC]. Avengers [movie-verse!]. Smallville. Harry Potter.

Warnings & FYIs.
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